American Holocaust

I want to start by telling you that this new part of my website, bringing out the truth on "The War on Drugs" is something that is very near my heart. I will tell you that I do not now, nor have I ever had a drug problem, so I am not trying to justify a habit, I am only trying to encourage you to what I see, that the "War On Drugs" is the most destructive set of laws ever to have been enacted. In truth I will say that at one time I was just as biased about this issue as the most conservative person out there; I'm ashamed to admit that. SO, I will say that if you were to go back and read my posts from years past, you would find a very different opinion on this subject. With that said, I will tell you now, that anything I wrote before today isn't worth reading.

What happened you ask, well, prison happened, old age happened, wisdom happened and ... prayers were answered. You see I had prayed for Compassion, and though it took years to bear fruit, it finally did, and I am grateful for it. Truth is: I'm through hating folks, criticizing others and passing judgement on people, just am. Sick of it actually. I of course will bring you more on this later. Today, is just the opening salvo in what I will be bringing forward for your consideration.

American Holocaust: why that offensive name? Well truth is, I want it to be offensive. I want people to challenge my right to use the word "Holocaust" because I promise you that I can defend the horror promulgated on American children and citizens by these destructive laws which have destroyed our country. That's right, the LAWS, not drugs themselves are what has destroyed our country.

The War on Drugs has resulted in what can be called by no other name than a Holocaust, the AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.

Watch for regular updates and postings, as well as a series of oil paintings that I have done to illustrate this horror.

Peace be with you, Mayor Mark.


Illegal Drugs vs. Legal Drugs